A Review of Lifelock and Identity Theft Service Comparisons

Concerned about identity theft? If so, you have come to the right place. Unfortunately identity theft has become all too common. But, how could you possible know before it’s too late? You wouldn’t, so that is why identity theft protection service companies have become necessary these days. Lifelock continues to be a leader in the identity theft service industry and is still a great choice, however, there are other great options too. The best way to know which is right for you is to compare their main features. Have a look at the identity theft comparison chart to compare the best identity theft services available.

Identity Theft Comparison Chart

Compare LifeLock to other ID Theft Protection Companies

While there are many reputable identity theft protection companies out there, it seems as though LifeLock’s approach prevents any suspicious activity from falling through the cracks. For example, Identity Guard’s major calling card is that there is insurance coverage of 1 million dollars for identity theft. On the other hand, Identity Guard is more adept at monitoring suspicious activity, whereas LifeLock provides immediate assistance in resolving the problem.

Identity Guard is currently the number one recommendation. Here are their main features:

  • Free 30-day trial; $14.99/mo (after our limited time 25% discount)
  • Monitors 3-bureau credit report, credit cards, public records, social security number, bank accounts, applications, Internet security
  • $1,000,000 insurance
  • All 3 bureau credit scores and a public record report each quarter
  • ZoneAlarm Internet security suite; anti-keylogging software

Overall, Identity Guard is the most complete identity theft protection service reviewed.

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Identity theft has become so prevalent in our society that there is even an entire movie about it! That is unfortunate since when identity theft happens to you, it is certainly nothing to laugh at and it could end up costing you a lot of time and money. If you have been worried about your family’s identity, your credit score, or you just want to protect yourself against all forms of identity fraud or credit theft, then Lifelock can protect you.

The Internet simply is not as safe as it used to be. Without adequate identity theft protection, you could find yourself in a whole bunch of trouble. Similarly, the contents of your purse or wallet are also susceptible to the sneaky hands and greedy personalities of desperate people. We all need to find a way to better equip ourselves in a world where complete trust in our fellow humans is no longer an option. The following LifeLock review aims to inform you about an identity theft protection plan that could be a saving grace in the long run.

What Is Lifelock?

This service was developed in order to help people reclaim their own identity and make sure that no one else can take it. Because so much of who we are is tied up in our Social Security number, it is vital that the number is protected at all costs and that no one is using it to establish credit or even to get some of your government-allotted benefits, which has been known to happen.

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How Does Lifelock Work?

 LifeLock makes use of several simple, yet effective, monitoring methods. Firstly, LifeLock monitors the use of your credit card to ensure that there is no suspicious activity. In addition to this, the security team keeps an eye out for any potentially fraudulent use of your personal details, ensuring that no suspicious account activity occurs.

Black market website scanning is another useful feature of the LifeLock protection plan. More than 10,000 known criminal websites are under constant monitoring to ensure that your personal details are not being traded for money. If your information is found hovering around any one of these websites, you will be notified immediately.

Another great feature of the LifeLock package is full wallet replacement. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your purse or wallet, or either of these items is stolen from you, LifeLock will replace anything that you might have lost. Information regarding credit or debit cards, insurance cards, driver’s licenses, and any other important items will be stored in your online profile. The security team is able to tap into this information and assist you in replacing everything you need without going through the trouble of re-applying for all of these items individually.

Pre-approved credit cards or store accounts are another bit of ammo in an identity thief’s back pocket. LifeLock ensures that your name will be removed from any pre-approval lists as an extra precaution. This will prevent fraudsters from opening accounts and damaging your credit score without your knowledge.

The mission of this company is to provide their members with relentless protection and they do so by offering five points of protection. First of all, they offer 24/7 monitoring of your identity, to make sure that no one else is attempting to use it. They scan constantly for potential identity threats that may affect you, and they respond to those threats by notifying you and any credit card that may be involved. They have a full $1 million guarantee for their services, and they also provide full-time credit score tracking.

What this means to you is that no one will be able to come in and use your Social Security number to get a credit card, a loan or a mortgage, and if someone does, you will be alerted and so will the authorities. Because the repercussions of identity theft are so damaging to a person’s life, Lifelock takes this business very seriously so you won’t have to worry.

What Are People Saying About Lifelock?

It is interesting to see what people have to say about Lifelock, since this is such a varied program of products. But, you will find that most people simply feel more confident in their financial security, knowing that if someone tries to steal their identity, their credit, or hack into their accounts, that they will be protected.

“I only signed up for this because my husband insisted, but now I am glad I did. It wasn’t long after I joined that someone tried to use my Social Security number for a car loan – and they were stopped in their tracks!” – Elaine, NY (Testimony from company website)

The reviews for Lifelock are written by a vast array of people, from those who are recovering from bankruptcy, to those who are just trying to protect their credit for a major investment like a house or a car. The fact that this also alerts you to identity theft attempts is a huge plus.

“I have spent a long time trying to bring my credit score back up and I am not going to let someone else drag me back down. I have more confidence now that I have Lifelock on my side.” – Suzanne, NM (Testimony from company website)

“I do a lot of work online and know that there must be people out there who could abuse my credit. I just feel a lot safer with Lifelock working for me.” – Diana, CA (Testimony from company website)

Is Lifelock Right for You?

Perhaps the most beneficial thing that Lifelock offers you is peace of mind. When you know that someone else is looking out for you, you won’t have to worry. Should you lose your credit cards, you will have someone on your side to make sure that they aren’t used or abused, and you will also have someone to help you should someone try to steal your identity or use your credit.

As a Lifelock customer, you gain access to a range of helpful services for monitoring and tracking your credit. For instance, Lifelock will contact each of the three main credit reporting bureaus and ask these entities to set fraud alerts for you. This, however, is a mere perk of working with this business, given that it comes absolutely free of charge. They will also request that your name be eliminated from any mailings lists that are maintained by credit card companies for submitting “junk mail” offers, order credit reports on your behalf and provide a special “WalletLock” service that eliminates the stress and hassle of dealing with lost credit cards, purses and wallets.

What You Should Know About The Lifelock Scam

Some people have called the Lifelock service a scam, given that many of the services and perks this company supplies are features that all consumers have access to for free. These are steps that consumers can easily take for themselves, without having to pay the monthly charges that being a Lifelock subscriber entails. It is important to note, however, that although these services have long been offered for free, these are steps that the average individual is simply too busy or too preoccupied to take. Ultimately, Lifelock is doing little more than simplifying the process of taking good care of your credit. If you haven’t been requesting regular credit reports, fraud alerts and taking other steps to protect your identity already, then Lifelock is probably right for you.

Due to the claims that were made by the company, some consumers even created a class action lawsuit claiming that Lifelock offered little protection. In fact, there has been a string of lawsuits in West Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey. One claim made within these lawsuits is that the use of Lifelock could have an adverse impact on consumer credit reports due to frequent credit inquiries.

Understanding Lifelock Services

It is important to remember that Lifelock takes all of the steps that diligent consumers should be taking to protect their identities as well as a few more. If you are tired of dealing with charges you have not made, you can routinely take these steps on your own by requesting fraud alerts every 90 days and credit reports once per year. If your life is already hectic enough, however, you can use Lifelock promo codes and get these services cheaply. A promotion code functions just like a coupon and can result in significant discounts for the consumer. The phone number for Lifelock is 1-800-543-3562. You can call this company to get any answers to the questions that you might have before becoming a Lifelock customer.

Where Can You Buy Lifelock?

If you are interested in trying this service, then you should go online only to the official web site where you will be provided with several different plans that you can choose from. Each of them offers a different level of service, but the same level of protection. The Lifelock Ultimate package is the best value and provides you with 24/7 online access to your TransUnion credit score, non-stop surveillance of global networks and file-sharing device to make sure that someone hasn’t snatched your identity, and even checking and savings account alerts for unwanted transactions.

You will also get daily monitoring of all three of your credit bureau reports, a $1 million guarantee, and the most trusted theft protection service in the industry. If you would like a more affordable package, you can simply sign up for the basic package and try it out on a month-to-month basis, too.

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